Bring the vehicle to the workshop for servicing

The overall suitability of the vehicle shall be assessed, ensuring that each of the features is operational, and that the safety features of the vehicle are functional.

Dismantling of combustion and adjacent elements

Disassembly of the internal combustion engine, disassembly of the cooling system, disassembly of the exhaust system, and disassembly of the fuel storage and supply system.

Installation of the new elements

Assembly of the electric motor and installation of supports and mechanical adaptations required for mounting the battery bank, wiring, and assembly of all the remaining elements of the system, as well as the electronic control and monitoring elements.

Overhaul, roadworthiness testing and type-approval.

Each vehicle undergoes a comprehensive driveability and handling test procedure to keep all systems in optimum condition. In addition, a homologation must be performed to certify that the vehicle complies with the rules of the road and safety of the systems.

In less than 20 days.

Plug&play transformations, to avoid disruption to your business. All in less than 10 days.

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